I've just finished my finals for Fall 2020 today. Although it's a little late, I believe it's still worth to go through my college application. I'm now attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison as a freshmen.

At first, I had absolutely no sort of intention of coming to the United States to study my expertise. However, things started to change when my whole ended up being granted the Green Card status when my mom just gave a shot in 2018. All in a sudden, I was overwhelmed with planning my future life.

I only had a year to prepare all of the application materials and test scores. I took the SAT three times and three SAT Subject Tests. In fact, as SATs are only delivered within the US in August, and as I was urgent in test scores, I hopped on the flight for Las Vegas the very day when my semester finals ended at senior, and took the SAT just 6 hours after the plane landed. Fortunately, I earned my highest score in that attempt.

The Las Vegas Strip
The school in which I took my SAT

And thankfully now I'm here in Madison! I have a ton of plans that I hope to accomplish here, and it feels like I could build a strong research background that would be great enough to continue my studies in graduate school, and one day be with prestigious faculties to do cutting-edge research.